Perle Vom Haus Milesevac

Perle Vom Haus Milesevac was imported into the USA in February of 2016. She is the newest member of our kennel. Perle is a gorgeous deep mohagany red female.  She is daughter of IPO1 SG1 Blue Boss vom haus Milesevac and grand daughter of  BSZS 12 V13 -VA5 SAS Paer Blue-Iris.   Her pedigree also includes many champions such as VA6 Nando vom Gollerweiher,VA1 Ober von Bad-Boll,VA9 2X VA1(CN) Furbo degli Achei and many, many more to mention.  She has a fantastic temperament, is very good around children and is good around other dogs.

Father: SG1 Blue Boss vom haus Milesevac
Mother: VA Bona vom haus Milesevac

Click here for her full pedigree

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